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Prepping Your Art

Here is a complete checklist to help you to prepare your artwork for print:

1. Please provide a color printout of your final art. If this is not possible, black & white laser printer proofs or an Acrobat PDF soft proof will suffice. Indicate on the proof the correct final size of the project (from mark to mark).

2. If your project contains PostScript type fonts, provide all printer fonts files and their accompanying screen font files. If your project contains TrueType fonts, provide the printer font file only. Please note: licensing restrictions may prevent the output of certain TrueType fonts. Check with the font supplier beforehand.

3. If possible, “link” rather than “embed” graphic images in your final page layout. This makes it easier to make alterations (such as adding bleed) if required later. Be sure to provide us the linked files.

4. It is also recommended that the “unflattened” (i.e., the layers remain intact) Photoshop files accompany the final files in case alterations are required.

5. Save final graphic images in .AI, .PSD, EPS, TIFF or JPEG format.

6. The optimum resolution for color and grayscale bitmap graphic images (e.g., Photoshop images) is 300 pixels per inch (p.p.i.) at final size. This facilitates proper output of your artwork to plate separations at line resolutions of at least 175 lines per inch (l.p.i.). The minimum recommend resolution is 200 p.p.i. (for 150 l.p.i. output)

7. The optimum resolution for black & white bitmap line art (e.g., scanned line art and type or items drawn in Photoshop) is 1000 p.p.i. at final size. This facilitates proper output of your artwork to film separations at line resolutions of at least 175 l.p.i. The minimum recommend resolution is 600 p.p.i. (for 150 l.p.i. output).

8. Color images must be saved in CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, the “Process Colors” standard for printing with inks) mode for proper output. We recommend the Coated GRACol 2006 (Iso 12647-2-2004) setting in Photoshop. If you do not know how to go about this, do not attempt the conversion. We can do it for you provided the images are linked (not embedded) in your final page layout. Important: many colors do not convert to CMYK well, often appearing flat or dull in appearance compared to their RGB counterparts on screen. This is especially true of Pantone colors converted to CMYK. Consult the Pantone Color Bridge (formerly the Pantone Imaging Guide 1000) for both RGB to CMYK and Spot Colors to CMYK conversions before creating colors.

9. We cannot guarantee the proper output of transparent graphic elements created in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand, particularly if they intersect Spot Colors. If possible, limit CMYK transparencies to overlapping CMYK elements. In all cases, Do Not Flatten Transparencies.

10. It is not necessary to trap files. All trapping is done “In-RIP” before outputting proofs and plates.

 11. For projects that require diecutting (e.g., packaging, point of purchase displays, etc…), please provide a computer dieline with the job. We accept CADCAM files in .AI, .EPS, DWG, and DXF, formats.

12. Please provide any special instructions in writing. Indicate the name(s) of the final file(s) to be output. We are constantly updating our applications to the latest versions, so we can work with all the major graphics applications. Be aware, however, that the functionality of some applications may be limited due to conflicts with other software. Therefore, your instructions must be thorough and the proofs we provide you prior to printing be checked carefully. If you have questions or concerns before submitting your files to us for output, please call us. We are glad to be of service.

We support the following applications:

—QuarkXPress (10, 8.1, 7.31, 6.52)

—Adobe InDesign (CC, CC 2014, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS)

—Adobe Photoshop (CC, CC 2014, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS)

—Adobe Illustrator (CC, CC 2014, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS, 10.01, 9.1, 8.1)

Please e-mail your quote request to or call us at (800) 961-3678.

Here is a complete checklist to help you to submit your artwork for print:

1. Click here to download the Stoughton Printing Art Submission Form (aka the Digital Output Form PDF) Adobe Acrobat 9 or above recommended).

2. Complete the form.

3. Submit the form to us along with your art files.

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