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Prepress Production

Here is a complete list of prepress services at Stoughton Printing Co:


Stoughton Printing Co. provides free “Pre-Flight” services before costly proofs and printing plates are generated. We examine client supplied files to determine that graphics are laid out to the proper specification, dieline, or template. We also confirm that all fonts and graphics have been provided and are properly linked. If any of these items are missing or are incorrect, we notify the client before we proceed. Customer alterations and corrective measures can be done upon request in a timely manner for a reasonable charge.


To minimize issues on press, Stoughton Printing Co. provides two proofing stages:

• Adobe Acrobat PDF "soft proofs" are e-mailed to the clent for Preliminary Approval. These PDF proofs are not for color accuracy, but are best suited for checking content. It is the client's responsibility to review the PDF and e-mail back either changes or approval.

• Upon approval of the PDF proofs, full-sized digital color proofs are generated. Our digital proofing system is color-calibrated (curved) to our press equipment to simulate printing on the actual substrates. Its output provides an accurate representation of the final printed piece. Again, it is the client's responsibility to review the proof content and color. Once approved, the project will be outputted to printing plates using the same locked file for printing.


• Epson Stylus® Pro 9900 44" color proofer, for digital bluelines, customer approval and press-matching. The RIP used for outputting to plates is also used for proofing. This guarantees fidelity of color and stability of content between devices. The proofs are matched to press.


Clients can also schedule a Press Check to view a project on press as it prints. Stoughton Printing Co. grants clients 30 minutes of press okay time. Additional charges may accrue thereafter. Please call or email us for details.

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