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Congratulations to SPC Company President Jack Stoughton Jr.

Special announcement! Our company president, Jack Stoughton Jr., has been inducted into the Ben Franklin Honor Society of the Printing Industries of America! Founded in 2005 with roots going all the way back to the 1950’s, The Society is comprised of industry leaders who have made lasting contributions to advancing print and graphic communications. Inductees have rendered outstanding and/or meritorious service to associations such as the PIA, it’s Foundation, the Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), and the industry itself. Congratulations Mr. Stoughton on achieving this incredible honor! View Article on

PIASC Selects Jack Stoughton, Jr., Executive of the Year

(excerpt from the article) “…Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) announces the selection of Jack Stoughton, Jr., President of Stoughton Printing Company in City of Industry, California, as it’s Executive of the Year. PIASC is the largest affiliate of Printing Industries of America, the national trade association for the printing and graphic arts industry. As a second generation printer, Jack Stoughton, Jr. has been working in the printing industry since he was 12, when his father, Jack Sr., founded Stoughton Printing Company. Over the years Jack has mastered all facets of the printing trade. Today he and his staff have honed and polished Stoughton Printing Company to be at the top of its niche, manufacturing high-end and specialty packaging for the vinyl record industry.”

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Vinyl Emergency’s Jim Hanke and Stoughton Printing Co. Production Planner Rob Maushund On Episode #84!

Vinyl Emergency’s Jim Hanke and SPC Production Planner Rob Maushund talk about the world of music, vinyl packaging and Old Style® Tip-On Jackets in Episode 84! Check it out on SoundCloud:

A Packager of Dreams: Stoughton Printing and It’s Record Jackets Thrive As Vinyl Continues It’s Resurgence

By Leah Wheeler (Print Works! Magazine)

(excerpt from the article) "...If you bought a fan belt for your car, you probably would not preserve the box and add it to your special collection or hang it on the wall of your home. But a record jacket is a unique packaging product that is snynonymous with the music contained within it.”

To read the entire article, please use the following link:


By Robert Baird (

(excerpt from the article) "...Warner Music Group has launched Run Out Groove, a new fan-driven, vinyl-only label that is going to let the public, or more accurately the crate-diggers among us, choose which records from the WMG trove of labels this new label will release…The albums that win the vote will be issued in individually numbered, multi-colored, 180gm vinyl copies that will be pressed in the Netherlands at Record Industry and put into printed lyric inner sleeves and a UV or aqueous gloss tip-on jackets from Stoughton Printing of California” (from…”

To read the entire article, please use the following link:

Music of the Presses: How an L.A. Printer Kept the Art of the Album Cover Alive

By Ben Marks (Collector's>)

(excerpt from the article) "...In fact, the art of the record jacket never went away, as the current vinyl revival so clearly shows. For more than 50 years, one of the best album-art printers has been Stoughton Printing Company, which opened for business in 1964 in Los Angeles before moving to more spacious quarters in nearby City of Industry. In its earliest days, the company kept the lights on by printing the round labels that were glued to the centers of vinyl discs. Before long, though, the firm had branched out to album covers, which were expertly printed before being glued or “tipped” onto the paperboard jackets that actually protected a record. This old-school technique from the 1950s allowed Stoughton to use better paper than the heavy jacket stock it also printed on, and good paper is what makes album-cover art pop..."

To read the entire article, please use the following link:

As Vinyl Returns, They've Got It Covered

By Randall Roberts (The Los Angeles Times)

Thousands of old-style cardboard sleeves for Jack White's album "Lazaretto" sit in tightly packed checkerboard rows at Stoughton Printing plant in the City of Industry, 12.3-inch squares waiting to be stuffed with 12-inch circles. Jack Stoughton Jr., son of the company's founder, takes one from the newly printed stack and admires the work. White's blue suit pops off the print as he sits amid a flock of angel statuettes. The inside of the jacket is black — one more flourish to separate it from the others in the increasingly competitive vinyl business.

To read the entire article, please use the following link:


Jack White's "Acoustic Recordings" album fresh off the press at Stoughton Printing Company

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