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Making Our Old Style Tip-On Jackets®

Our Old Style® brand cd and vinyl record jackets are made in the same fashion as record jackets were made in the 1950's and 1960's — hand-tipped.

After years of trying other, more automated ways, we went back and heavily modified machinery to replicate that which did not exist — a wrapper that could successfully make a record jacket (single or gatefold) with the quality and rigidness of jackets from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Then we upped the ante on the design of the jacket shell itself to give it the strength and flexibility like no other in the business. Because we have the experience of 50+ years in this business, we "re-invented” this old, craftsman style of manufacturing, not just because it worked, but because it produced a superior product.

Having found that the older methods simply produced a superior jacket, we gave it the added twist of printing the wraps (outside, liners and inside spreads) on the highest tech, most modern printing equipment we could get. Simply put, the wrap covered with glue and a "blank" is hand spotted in position where it then runs through an exclusive wrapper machine to create the outside of the jacket. Then, a similar process is done to tip-on the back liner or the inside spread in a process we refer to as "blind spotting" as the operator cannot see the image she is mounting as it is smaller than the outside wrap she is mounting over it. This takes tremendous skill and experience.

Finally, all jackets receive a final trim and are carefully inspected, creased, folded and carton packed. In the case of tip-on singles, they are simply hand-inspected and carton-packed. And that is what separates an Old Style® jacket from any other similar jacket — there can only be one authentic Old Style®.


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