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pressroom equipment
Our company President, Jack Stoughton Jr. introduces our newest press, the Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-6+L 2X
Our Pressroom Equipment

Heidelberg — mention that name to nearly any printer and they just say "ahh". Long considered the top press in the industry, we take both care and pride in ours.

Our 29" (74-6-LX) features everything from auto plate hanging to auto-preset of inking zones, b/c capabilities plus in-line aqueous (water based) coatings.

The pride of our Press Department, a 40" (NexGen CD102-6+LX) features everything the 74 does plus a unique "wall screen" showing an image of the job on press, auto density & spectrophotometric scanning with closed loop ink corrections back to the press on the fly. The first of it's kind in North America - it is a marvel of operation. WATCH VIDEO


• Heidelberg Speedmaster model 74-6-L 20.5˝ x 29.125˝ 6-color offset press. Equipped for waterless printing with TRI Services individual zone roller chillers, featuring Alcolor dampening, Printing Research Air Blanket II infrared drying, HD steel jacket transfer system, CPC-1.03 CPTronic control devices, Auto-Plate automatic plate hanging, CPC-1.04 auto register, dedicated tower coating unit for applying water-based coatings, and 4-foot extended delivery. This press can print one to six colors inline.

• Heidelberg Speedmaster model CD 102-6+L 2X with X Package 28.375˝ x 41˝ 6-color offset press up that can run specialty substrates up to 40-pt. thickness. This six color press features a Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery, AutoPlate, and Prinect Press Center with Intellistart press control, together with a closed-loop spectrophotometer for precise color management.

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